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One more quickie

  • Still living out of Chay's backpack (mine broke xD). Currently in Newcastle!

  • Dissertation is killing me. I'm learning, but it's killing me.

  • ASMR article is very nearly finished I just need to redo some of the stats and type up some odds and ends.

  • As always, family is challenging.

  • People are very changable. Or rather, maybe I thin someone was being someone they weren't, and now they're being someone they are. Either way, I'm glad to see what they're really like.

  • I am tired of wearing the same 3 outfits.

  • I want to go shopping.

  • I would also like a job please. Though, having said that, I'm currently avoiding applying for a job I could potentially walk into because I know it will further entangle me with my mother, and I've got no intention of doing that. If I can walk away from her for the rest of time, I think I'd be fine with that.

  • I'm doing a diet bet and all I want is chocolate. And curry. *sniff*



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