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Gio Sponk
I graduated!! I've now got a BSc in Psychology. x3 I'm all proud and stuff.

I wish I was feeling verbose enough to make a long winded, deep entry (heh) about this, but that's happening less and less these days. Maybe I'm just getting old. I did want to record the highlights, before old age claims those too.

My supervisor, Chris Petkov, was there! I know that's such a tiny thing, but Chris was way influential in third year. He helped me through my dissertation, encouraged me when I wanted to give up (I'm not just saying that, the only reason my project went so well is because he had faith I could do it) and was all around lovely. He didn't just want me to learn the beaten track stuff, he saw that I had enthusiasm to do my own thing and acted as cheerleader, which is just what I needed. He got a huge hug after the ceremony (what lectuer would even consider that?!), and he seemed really hyped about the whole thing. xD "It's like my kids are graduating!" Gahh. I'll miss him. xD

I'll also miss all my homies. Michael's off the St Andrews to do a PhD, some people are staying for IAPTs and Health courses here at Newcastle. I'm.. doing my thing. xD I'm really going to whack out the abnormality academics this next year in Swansea, and hopefully get a place in a lab as a result. That'd be nice. I've been considering applying for a research assistant post at Durham University (so respected, and my lecturer is the one choosing people), but I think I need to just keep chasing what I'm interested in for now. In a lot of ways it feels like the choice has been made for me. Not in a nasty or mystical way, just that I know what I really want, and the way to it isn't through getting that research assistant job just yet. I want to be the most use I can before I get into research.


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Congratulations on graduating!!! You're awesome!

When do you leave for Swansea by the way? We really need to catch up before you go!

Thanks! ^^

Some time in September. My course starts on the 23rd, but I don't have accomodation sorted out yet (going to a house hunting thing at the start of August for that). We do, we do!

Ah okay, so we definitely have time then :)

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