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Bonfire night. ^^
I am really... not good at writing diary entries. xD But I know I won't remember this stuff in years to come unless I write it down, so here goes.

Bonfire night in Swansea is AWESOME. Screw Newcastle's bonfire nights, this was the shit. Not because the fireworks were particularly impressive (they weren't), but because it was an event. Swansea is ridiculously small compared to back home, we're pretty much all on one side of the hills that slope towards the bay, and however steep said hill is, it's not big at all. That means that there's really only need for one fireworks show, right in the middle, at the football ground (which is really just a field with a wall, some lights and some benches). Before we went, everyone I know here had asked if I was going to see the fireworks, and where I was going to be standing. The grass by the beach seemed to be the place to go - the beach is pretty much next to everything here. At university? Cross the road and you're there. At the football pitch? Cross the street and you're there. So, grass between the beach and the football ground was where we headed, and where I thought I'd stay. People had told me about people setting off fireworks on the beach, and I wasn't about to tango with that. I had flashbacks to every bonfire safety talk in secondary school I'd ever had. Grass for me.

So around 7 I headed down with my housemates; Chay, Calli and Tom. I was dressed like a northerner ready to brave to cold of November, after being assured it got cold. Everyone else was in essentially light jackets. :l "I thought you said it was going to be cold." "It is." "So what the hell are you wearing that for?!" xD People here really do not get the concept of cold.

We walked down through the queue of traffic on Rhyddings Road (very unimpressive, but funny at how packed all the cars were), and were down by the ground in about 5 minutes. Little kids were hanging out of loft windows to see - it was all pretty cute. Until Chay pulled a Withnail and started shouting "SCRUBBERS!" at them. xD Moving on. We went down past the pub, played the world's slowest game of Frogger with the few cars still on the main road, and got to the grass. I was there for about ten seconds before hearing a huge crash of waves from the beach. The tide was right up, and there was about 15 metres of sand between the dunes and the water. Loads of people had set up bonfires down there, were toasting marshmallows, wandering about with sparklers, setting off fireworks over the water... so I decided, fuck grass, I want in. I grabbed Calli and headed down onto the sand to take some pictures with my phone, none of which really came out, but... screw it. <3 We wandered around next to the fires for a while, kicked around in the sand, climbed the dunes and found a great spot to watch the show from. Looking at the fireworks people were setting off into the water was entertaining while we waited through the 4 countdowns from the football grounds. Imagine fireworks skimming on water, and then the reflection when they go off. Yeah. It's awesome.

Not much more to note from there, it was just a nice half hour of standing around in a huge crowd of seemingly everyone in Swansea, watching large amount of explosives and reactive metals. We remarked on the surprising ability of loud sounds and shiny things to bring a whole city (however tiny) together.

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That sounds delightfully awesome! Sounds like you had a time to remember (your description is nice and vivid!) The sand sounds like the best place to see the show, and it's not very flamable, so yay!

I have to ask what a "scrubber" is, though. It's not a term used over here! Is it offensive?

(firstly, I love your icon. Gosh, I love DOGS.)

It was amazing. I should work on uploading my terrible footage and photos. One or two came out alright. Hurray from not being flamable!

I honestly couldn't say. xD Withnail and I is a movie from the early 80s, I believe, about the very late 60s. It's not a word I've heard anywhere else, and I'm inclined to believe it was just a word used in London. I think it's probably a slight about the purity of the person at the receiving end, if you feel me. xD It's followed in the movie by the 3 schoolgirls he's drunkenly yelling at from the car shouting 'Up yours, grandad!' back. That film is pretty much the English version of Americana, I think. So perfect. I make it sound stupid as hell, but it's not really a comedy as such, just a sort of undercurrent of dark British humour and a lot of capturing of that feeling that the 60s and people's youths were ending and people didn't know how to approach that. Damn good film, I thoroughly recommend it.

Your icon is pretty snazzy there, too! Ah, Gio is awesome and I love DOGS, too! ♥

It'd be awesome to see the pics! I have this image in my head and it would be nice to see if I'm even partly right.

Hmm, sounds like a good film. I'd never heard of it before. I did see another film called "This is England" and it was pretty dark, too. I think it was supposed to be set in the 80s, so I guess something similar with a film being made a couple decades after the actual time.

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