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I clicked around and found my old boyfriend's lj. Little bit of a shock to find that everything went down more recently than I thought - though I knew when I was adding up the years of what I thought was the timeline that I'd gone wrong somewhere. I thought he left in 2010, it was 2011. Which means that I've done a POOP TONNE in even shorter time. Crikey me. Though that does make sense, since I got diagnosed in 2011, and he got angry at me for being upset at having a lifelong illness. He was that brand of jack ass. xD

Still, I had a look at the old journals, found a photo of him the month after he stopped speaking with me, and I don't know. I get the sort of dokidoki thing, but I'm not torn up anymore. If anything it's nice to see that at least one of us had a clean break - he didn't seem to care, so that helps me feel better about working towards where I am with... well, not concerning myself with it. I was tempted to try get in contact again - maybe one day I will. He contacted me once since he left, but it reeked of manipulation so I let him take a hike. Maybe one day. For now I'm very happy working on me.

As ridiculous as that all was, and without going into a whole lot of detail, things in that area are starting to pan out. ^^

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I know it's a useless sentiment but I will forever be mad that this happened to you, so wonderful and deserving of so much better. Still, progress is always a good thing and I hope it means you'll realise how super you are ♥

No no, I appreciate it. Nicely worded too. Lots of the time people say 'I'm sorry that happened', like it's in the same category as a death - it sounds like it was inevitable that way? When people he angry at what he did, it adds an ally to my side, rather than a pity parade. It's a nice approach xD thanks man. x

Well it's the truth, really. You didn't deserve it and he was a jackass and that makes me mad. ^^;

I've always found, when I talk about stuff that's happened, that 'sorry' is the worst thing to say. So I don't feel it very often either because it doesn't help anyone, at all.

I'm always on side, pumpkin. Aaallways.

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