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Bumming about and setting stuff up
I've spent the last few days having some down time - had a pretty intense start to the week with one thing in particular, so I'm giving myself some mental health days. xD I spent most of that time up until today doing pole, but since I don't want to overdo it I took today to explore and take some photos of all the autumn leaves with Chay. It was pretty rad. At the moment, I'm making some badass tomato soup, because you know, autumn.

I also just e-mailed to volunteer for invisible illnesses week next week. Between mental health and PCOS I feel like it's probably a thing I'm pretty suited for, and it's only a week at the uni so it's convenient enough for me to get my work done and get some volunteering in. I also might get to do free hugs, which are always fun.

Doing my best to eat right because I want to lose a little of the pcos-padding on my tummy for pole. Make it easier to lift myself. *fist in air*

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sounds like you're really making the most of it there!  Makes me happy, and I'm really glad you got some down time ^^

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