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Arooooooo /howls at the moon
Casual feels while sleepy, feel free to skip. 

As of right now, I'm the only single homie in my group. It's been this way for years now. Normally it wouldn't phase me, but I feel this horrible sort of awareness of it lately. I want to have an excuse to snuggle and believe someone cares about me. It's derpy, but come on, the whole concept is derpy. Don't judge. xD it sucks so hard thinking that no one sees me that way. I know I like to strike the gender neutral a lot, but it'd be nice if I didn't feel so outside the game. I think this feeling has been made worse in part by being told I'm dancing wrong if I'm not 'being sexy', which in itself is ridiculous. That's not how I act, and putting it on grosses me out. 

I think I'm just ranting now, but there's ist this unbarable heaviness of not being a person that's very evident to me right now. I have no skills of note, my sexuality fluctuates so hard I doubt I'll ever be able to lassoing it into a place where I can function, my health continues to fail, and I continue to not believe that people actually do care. I know by logic that they do, but nothing in me feels it. It's concerning. Cuddles would probably help. Maybe. xD ah. 

I think what I'm trying to say is I'm getting tired of being less. Upset is only a hat a can wear so many times after trying and failing before I start wondering if I'm really as broken as I used to believe I was. 

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Recovery time this weekend, long day followed by presentation to a lab full of PhD students (!!) on Monday, doctor on Tuesday because my liver hates me, recovery and reading Wednesday because the doctor usually hurts me worse, Thursday is lecture day, then it's a case of birthday, hospital, more hospital, GISHWHES, other birthdays, lots of uni work, Christmas.


A life round up, I guess?
Kya! <3
This is so much more awkward now people I know in real life can see this. xD


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And that was my month. :3 Yaaaay! Life is awesome. <3

Like GLaDoS, I am still alive
Kya! &lt;3
Hello lj. Long time no see. xD How've you been?

Just the quickest of updates to show I'm alive. On my summer break and resting up a lot at the moment, trying to get better in time for term starting in October. I know that's a while off, but This is taking a good while. xD

Generally been alright, started a few projects, was finally coerced into watching Supernatural (I've been avoiding it like the plague for reasons~), and.. Yeah. I kinda like it. This may end up being a little embarrassing. xD it's okay though.

As of today, there's one month left until I go to Osaka. :3 Nervous as he'll, but seriously looking forward to the adventure. I'm dying to get out of my comfort zone, especially now.

So.. I hope you're all well. ^^ Hit me up to chat some time, it's been a while and I miss you.

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Ahhh, emotional drainage. xD Tonight is a night which makes me wish for cuddles! Also, got an exam tomorrow. Developmental, so babies, pregnancy, all that stuff. Yowza. Will have to reward myself afterwards.

Life times :3

Spent the last hour or so drawing. This is significant, because despite my love for drawing, I get really frustrated when I can't make it go well. So.. getting back on the bike to hopefully kick start myself for it into summer, since I'll have a decent amount of free time. ^^

Not much more to say, other than I'm reading through the assassin's creed book Neil lent me. It's.. horribly written in places. Okay, for a lot of it. xD But you know, not even the game is really written well, so can't expect a miracle. It's nice to be able to chill and enjoy something like that.

Stats exam went alright - I could do (and had time for) 2 out of the 3 questions. I think I did enough for a pass, so I'm happy. My next one is instinct and motivation on the 3rd. Shouldn't go too badly, since it's multiple choice.

Not really much more of importance to say at the moment, though maybe that's because I'm tired. xD OH. Yes. Right. Um.. my Dad had a heart attack, at the end of last week. He's been in hospital. but came home with the all clear yesterday. Very pleased about that last bit. I'd forgotten I hadn't mentioned it here on lj. Things are gradually getting easier, with one or two points still being stubborn. In all honesty though, I'm trying not to bother about things that'll give me hassle at the moment. Too many important things I have to do, however up myself that sounds. xD Education and health come before stubborn situations.

More revision, just to see where I need more stuff.
I have no idea why I'm making these public, but there you go. Free info. xD

Psychology - Sleep.

Biological rhythms - Circadian (24 hour) Infradian (more than 24 hour) and ultradian (less that 24 hour). Sleep wake cycle, menstrual cycle and sleep cycling respectively. Endogenous pacemakers and exogenous zeitgebers.
Siffre in the cave. Case study
Flower pot study
Destroyed SCN study.
Phermone evidence - women's cycles syncing.
EEG readings from sleep labs.
REM waking + deprevation
Randy Garder (11 days - no psychosis)
Peter Tripp (8 days - psychosis) [both made up for only a fraction.

Nature of sleep - cycles, stages, functions of each stage.
Function of sleep - evolutionary explanations [protection/hibernation or restoration of body and mind] - Meddis and his theories (need to learn these)

Shift work and Jet lag - need a lot on this!
Description, stage advance/delay, pros and cons of shift work, symptoms of continues disruption, baseball study.

Disorders of sleep -
Primary and secondary insomnia (describe, DSM, symptoms). learn the different types/remind yourself.
Narcolepsy - biological (orexin?), onset.
Apnea - symptoms, DSM, causes, treatments.
Sleep walking - Freud's theory, genetic predisposition, ages that do it.

Lifetime changes
Gradual decrease in REM sleep (0.6% every decade), gradual overall decrease in time spent asleep. What does this suggest about the stages/sleep in general?

So... I know all of what I should know, I just don't know all the details quick enough yet. xD I'll have to have a look over it. I've got 3 days to cover the whole topic. Eek!

AS results~
Biology: C (that's B in module one, C in module 2, U in the ISA (!!))
Chem: U (no surprises. They wouldn't let me drop it, so I refused to take the exam seriously. Hehe)
Psychology: B (A in first module, C in second. Resitting second)
English Language: A (Haha, my English teachers will be amazed. xD)
RE: C (not so much a surprise really, this course has been so slow I've just lost most of my interest, which is a shame. This is an A level, not an AS level)
General Studies: B (doesn't count for any university, but still, a B is nice)

So, ABBCCU.If I continue working hard, I should get my grade for a good uni. :3 (I need AAB for really good ones, really, but ABB is what I'm aiming for) 

So, I'm resitting my Biology ISA, Biology module 2.... might resit module one as well, but not sure. And Psychology module two. Not too bad.

I'm giddy with fail xD I shouldn't be this happy

SO. New OVA episodes. Let's do this.

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