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Just a few quick updates on how things are going, since I know I don't write these things down very often.

I've been buried in work the past week or so. It's been fairly non-stop. I've had meetings and meetings and meetings, then learning about fMRI protocols and techniques in the lab (which was awesome, if tiring), then coursework and pole competition training. This is off straight off the back of a hellish few weeks where I got punched in the face by PCOS. It was fairly hardcore this time - my heart fucked up the hardest it ever has, and there was a tonne of blood. Heavy flows for PCOS is like... an overnight pad finished in about half an hour. That's where I was. So, as you can imagine, I was a little loopy. Chay kept an eye on me, which was pretty good, since at one point I got dizzy enough to not be able to do the stairs, and was very fascinated with the idea that octopuses (octopi???) could have secret sweets at the bottom of the sea.

I'm not bothered by the bad periods - they're really irregular, and I don't have them as bad as some ladies with PCOS. Plus, they're pretty short in the grand scheme of things. The heart thing, however... concerning. I'm half plucking up the courage to go see a doctor again, but then I remember I'm in Swansea, and I already know what they're going to suggest or try to give me. The only option I'm slightly willing to consider (other than cinnamon, flax and exercise) is anti-androgen, but they depress me a little, since changing testosterone can (and does, for me) alter your personality and how you perceive your size. I hate taking those. Might have to, though. Again. Ick.

I swear this didn't start out as a health rant!

I got the go ahead for my project on ASMR, too. It's... a weird one. Which is good, I like weird. I'm bummed I won't be strapping wires to anyone, though, since that's what I was after. Maybe if I fly through this there'll be a chance to, but I'm not sure. We'll see.

Pole competition is next weekend, so I'm getting ready for that (read: staying off my injured arm!).


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